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3d Printers
The biggest advance of a 3d printer is that you can give your cells a bit more spacing.
As i find out the cell holders from China are placing the cells a bit to close to each other for my taste.
With a 3d printer you are absolute free to design what ever and how you want.

But cost wise it is better to just buy cell holders, a 3d printer is no match.
If you are going to use pla than make them a bit bigger in diameter instead of 18mm go for 20mm
Pla has the tendentious to shrink abs not, abs is a different ballpark, you will need a temperature regulated enclosure.
For pla you can tackle this problem to put them in a pre heated oven at 60-70C, put your project in after the heater switched of!!!!!!!
To keep your better half happy: use some baking paper.

My two cents,best regards Igor

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