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MGPTWEGB Battery Build Tread
Just awsome. I need some batteries man lol. When can I have someone pick em up?
Well   Still at it ...
I have 7 152P packs done up. 
8 more to do …    FYI  in my last post I said I had 4 packs together and testing for the next group...    THE NEXT GROUP is the next 15s 152P battery...   All the cell for this 15S 152P are tested and waiting to be put together..  Just wanted to clear that up......

At this point I need a 24volt setup for my POWER LAB 8 so I can change and discharge at 30 to 40 amps.. This will make quicker work of testing the 152P packs...    
I have some SONY and SANYO cells that I may build out just for this.

BUT !!!   how many cells do I need to build out to ???   I was thinking 50P or 40P ?? this is just for testing the 1s152P packs

Anyway that's what has been going on with this build … Would love some pointers !!!!!
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins

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