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48V 5000W Oil cooled inverter build
hi user completelycharged
Why I did not find this forum before I did almost same research as you Big Grin 

I don't have one bigger transformer so I tried use two combinations: first is parallel connected two transformers (~28/230V 2500VA) and second combination serial connected bigger transformers ( ~14/230V 3700VA).
I'm using almost same board as you.. with 28 fets and I don't want to go above 7kW of load with air cooling. 
0,65A at 48,1V so nice 31W iddle consuption
I recommend to use two inductors at both poles..
And I want to use same filtration at output (I bought 40A version)
You did great research and work Smile
[Image: pv.png] FS-272 ~ 4600Wp, Poly 230 ~ 3300Wp, MakeSkyBlue 60A, [Image: battery.png] Pb Traction ~ 48V 1000Ah, 18650 14s80p 143Ah, AC ~ PIP-4048GE, DC ~ still consuption 250W, Own monitoring ~ Domoticz

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