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Power Box using Ford C-Max Energi cells, Reliable Inverter, Bluetooth BMS
Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a project I've been working on since March of last year.  I'm no expert so I'm looking for input.  I've learned most of what I know from these forums and youtube so I decided to make some youtube videos.  Here are links to the items I'm using in my build.

Ford C-Max Panasonic 26ah Lithium Ion Cells

Reliable 3000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

14s 60a Bluetooth BMS

I purchased a full C-Max Energi Hybrid battery for $650 and torn down the assembly myself.  I have pictures and videos for that but I haven't gotten around to putting it together.  The price per cell came out to $7.74 (if my time is free)  I chose the the Panasonic cells because of the ability to bolt everything together.  I've built other batteries using 18650s and it's a lot of work and not that fun.  

The battery is setup in a 14s6p 7.6kw configuration.

I custom ordered the Reliable Inverter to work for a 14s 52v nominal battery.  The operating voltage is 44v to 60v. I haven't been able to test the over voltage shut off but the under voltage is working fine. It hasn't given me any issues, yet.

I've been really happy with the BMS.  It's bluetooth enabled so I can monitor the setup via my phone. The interface is very easy to use and many of the parameters are customization.  It's rated for 60ah but I've had it over 70ah while testing. Over current is a parameter I can change but I'm not sure how much I want to push this BMS.   

My plan is to use the power box to power my travel trailer for camping where there is no power.  I have a 2000w gas generator that we already use with the camper.  However, it can only run about 1500w continuous.  Also, most camp sites don't allow generators to run at night. And who wants to listen to generator at night anyway?  

Another issue I found relying only on the gas generator is the charging load created by the ac to dc converter in the camper for the 12v system.  After a night of running only off the 12v system, the 12v battery needs to be recharged.  We are all familiar with the charging stages of 12v Lead Acid batteries.  Using a watt meter, I would turn on the generator in the morning and observe a 400w-500w load on the generator when the only thing running is the AC to DC converter.  Others have reported as much as a 1000w load from their converter during bulk charging.  That doesn't leave a lot of room for other appliances.  

The plan is to keep the camper plugged into the power box 100% of the time.  Then use the gas generator during the day to power the camper and recharge the battery.  Keeping the camper plugged in all the time should keep the 12v system fully charged and hopefully keep the AC to DC converter in a "trickle" charge stage.  Using the power box will also allow us to push past the 1500w continuous output of the gas generator to run a toaster or coffee pot in the morning.  

I have ran the Reliable 3000w inverter at 2800w for 5 minutes on the fully charged (58v) battery.  I wasn't able to run the same test on a nearly depleted battery (49v) because the increase in amps required for the lower voltage.  My BMS shut down as you will see if you make it through my videos.  2800w is a huge load for a travel trailer and I should never need that much as long as I'm careful.  

Below are the videos.  Let me know if you have any questions or have any feedback on the project.  Again, I'm no expert and I will appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism.  Smile

Intro Video

Capacity Load Testing
Good job!

Watched both your videos, they're really good, but they would be better if they are shorter and if there are less uuuhm sounds Tongue
(02-25-2019, 07:31 PM)LEDSchlucker Wrote: Good job!

Watched both your videos, they're really good, but they would be better if they are shorter and if there are less uuuhm sounds Tongue

I know. Smile

I have so much to say with so little time!
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