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NEW - MPP Hybrid Inverter: LV 5KVA-48V
I would would be concerned about the auto selection of frequency. Should be programmable. Do others auto-detect?
Also the Low loss and high loss frequency's seem to be out of spec.
If your not spot on frequency it won't get CSA Grid-tie approval in Canada. Will it?

Also, it's doesn't appear to be designed with lithium in mind. Will the maintenance float charge at a reduced voltage be problem in step 3?

Also safety certification is listed as "CE" which means nothing (especially since it is self declared by the manufacturer). Not valid in USA or Canada.
(03-06-2019, 12:55 PM)Wolf Wrote:
(03-06-2019, 12:02 PM)Solardad Wrote: ..........Would be perfect addition to my SUN-1000 inverters ..........

So this unit would be like a grid tie with limiting so you don't inject power back to the grid?
I don't find that anywhere in the PDF.
With a 40A breaker to the unit I dont assume that the AC input comes from the grid and it becomes the regulator of what you pull from the grid and its output goes to the distribution panel.
In other words it is the middle man between the grid and you.
Or is it more like a GTIL with the "Hybrid" function of being a UPS. Grid power (on) supplements the house up to its max rating and if you need more than it can supply it allows the grid to supplement and also does not return excess power to grid. Grid is down or (off) GTIL anti islanding turns off the GTIL and it becomes a true inverter running off of battery/solar and when grid turns back on switches back to GTIL status. It would have to internally switch the mains off during a power outage to keep from back feeding.
Just wondering.

I think so but if I understand it correctly a proper setup / install would require I believe a dedicated panel of circuits that this inverter would power. Based on the menu options it would depend on how you setup the unit - Utility 1st then Solar/Bat or Solar/Bat then Utility.  So it would have the option to provide power when there is an outage vs the SUN-1000 but on the other hand there is the limit of not being able to assist other loads that were not apart of that dedicated panel. 

So unlike the SUN-1000 that monitors your whole panel leg(s) you are limited based on what you identified in the initial setup. 

For my situation we rarely lose grid power so I have no need to be able to leverage solar when there is an outage since it basically never happens. Instead I am looking to supplement based on three main interests: 1 - Try and be more green, 2 - Hobby, 3 - reduce utility bill. 

Today I have two SUN-1000s monitoring each leg (in US) but I could leverage more inverter power to cover the peak times. I could add two more SUN-1000 inverters and probably cover 70-80% of my demands for $600ish. 

With that being said and after having a chance to read the manual I think my situation would be better served by going down that route vs wiring up a dedicated panel and moving circuits around. 

Not a fan of having 4 inverters and would love to have another option of a larger inverter 3-5k with SUN-1000 functionality out there as a choice. I know Victron and their MultiPlus II unit leverages a CT clamp (Power Assist mode) also like the SUN-1000 but I believe it is only 230v single phase.
But still power consumption with no load, as tery say, < 100W, which is > 2kWh per day...

Still a lot :-(
30kWh 5x 14s80p with 5x40A China BMS. 14kWH LiFePo4 is in production.
Correct me if I'm wrong (still planning out what all is needed for my system), but aren't most hybrid inverters designed to be coupled with a grid-tie (AC) or MPPT/Charger (DC) and this one is special because it includes the MPPT (like an Outback Skybox). So this could be a 1 stop shop, to have solar, battery, and grid-tie for a backup and all you need is some panels and battery and you're good to go? If so, why so cheap (Skybox is ~$6k)? It seems like MPP is decent, just maybe not top tier?
@solar dad....
youre number 3 is my number one, my number two is to be more green

Big Grin Cool Tongue Big Grin
FYI - Peggy reached out and stated they are shipping now and has been priced lower:

Sorry for the delay and glad to inform you that we have our Hybrid LV 5048 inverter ready now.

It’s a 5000w inverter designed under 48vdc 110v/220vac Split phase ,   with built in DUAL MPPT solar charger and A   60A battery charger.

This inverter can be connected up to 3 pc in parallel.  can work under single phase 110v , or 220vac or even 3 phase 208 220v .

Please find the manual as attach . price for sample is at USD 935/pc   

Or discount for order above 3 pc

If you like to order , please let us know. thanks
No Load Power Consumption <100W

They must be kidding, not??  

Regrettably, they are not. I was about buying a 24 volts 3 KW model. This has a no load power of 75 Watts.

When I asked Peggy to verify, I was told to take my business elsewhere. I did, I bought a Chang 6000J, this unit has a no load current of .7 A at 26 Volts or 18.2 W

I Hope You have LOTS of solar power. This inverter is going to gobble up in excess of 2 KWh/day.

Good Luck. )


EDIT:  Just spotted that each charger unit is using 23 W in stand-by mode, so now it makes sense, 50 watts for the inverter and 2 x 23 watts for the chargers add up to approx. 100 W.
Still a lot though...
I believe auto consumption is 50 watt for a 5 kw unit and 100 watts for two, and note the AIMs 10kw inverter uses 200 watts/hr for a total of 4.8 kw in a day. Now thats high. but it sure has spunk!!
MPP producs is about 80w per phase in idle consumption on the hybrid variants.

You cannot compare a stand-alone inverter with a unit that handles UPS/solar/inverter and even less a unit that does grid-tie in conjunction with off-grid capability.

With that said you can of course get a unit that have half the consumption but for 3x initial price.

Example my 10kW 3phase unit has idle draw of 240w. Thats 100% loss at no load. At 250w load its 60% loss and when i pull 10kw the 240w idle load is nothing compare to the 20% it takes extra to produce 10kw (2kw losses in conversion and 240w idle)

Its alot and you need to consider that on all factors where you need active power. If you go passive where you can turn everything off you can save alot and have an idle load as low as 5w.
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My LV is only 43W but is a single phase 2424-hs
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