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Mystery large format pouch cells
Those packs look great, what size case is that? Looks like a Pelican 1150. I used the smallest size Harbor freight Apache (Pelican knock-off) for my 7s8p 18650 packs (660 w-hr). I'll post some pic's later. I'm curious if these pouch cells offer higher power density compared to 18650's.

I still have that case of 30 of these that I'm not going to use. Let me know if you want them, or I can offer the up to anyone else who wants them.
It’s the harbor Freight Apache 2800 on sale for 19.99. I still need to finish my 3D printer so I can make some custom cases. The bms are from China and they have a app via Bluetooth for them, pretty cool. I have a bunch of 18650 for another project but I could not pass the pouch cells up from a cost stand point. Each cell for .66 cents. I bought 60 boxes of them and and wish I bought them all. Making solar batteries and a trolling battery for my kayak. What side of town you on. Thanks
60 boxes, wow! That's a lot of storage.

I live near I-25 and Hampden in Denver.

Below is my case w/ batteries. I used the Apache 1800 case, so a bit smaller, ($10 on sale). Then I used my 3d printer to make the, BMS holder, voltmeter bezel and the Anderson connector holder. I will post more details in the other section of the forum as to not clutter this thread too much Smile

That’s nice! What pin spotter are you using. I have a old microwave transformer I need to make into one. Link that other form when you do it. Thanks
Hello sorry this isn't related to your post but didn't know how else to message you. I was curious if you had an abundance of 18650 or pouch lipos built up again? I would gladly pay for shipping and whatever you felt was fair for the cells thank you for your time you can reply here or find me @ pcparlor@gmail

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