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Hello World ! Italian Power
Hi there.. so far so good-

I'm a new entry from Milano, Italy.
Harvesting cells from old/dismissed laptop batteries for diy projects and experimenting for a while, now I 've decided to go deep into the Solar PowerHouse project for off-grid electricity on 18650 battery packs.
This is a useful source to a ton of info and real life experience on the topic, so here I am.
Soon I will post my 5 cents of my project, open to comments and suggestions.

I wish everyone in the forum a good work and good luck
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Wink best regards
I'm starting the first battery bank with what I already have:

A powerbank is composed by
560 cells (dismantled laptop), 14 series with 40 cells in parallel (each powerpack composed by 2 chained modules 4x5 cells),
overall cell capacitance is 2Ah each cell (80Ah each powerpack, so 3900wh per whole powerbank),
soldered cells with 1/8 Watt resistor legs, 

twisted copper bus bar,

no BMS (I think few milliamps discharge over a large amounts of amps is useless),

Ective inverter tsi380 3000/6000w with ups to go ongrid/offgrid (from ebay), 
made in Germany, High Freq, Pure Sine wave

48v nominal voltage (42v-56v using bottom charge 3v and top charge 4v), 
MPPT solar charger Esmart3 60A (from amazon), 

all wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, voltmeters, peltier cooling fans, etc.. .

After this is finished, as soon as I extract 560 more cells from sufficient dismantled pc batteries, I will make an identical 560 cell powerbank to parallel and increase amp hours power, and so on with other 560 cells powerbanks. So this is modular.

Next thing will be panels, i'm thinking on buying 12 panels 290w nominal each (amazon) -eta:1 month
/ solar installation at coordinates about 44° North , about 10° East /

comments? suggestions?

Wink best regards
As of now I've completed my first 560 cells powerbank; let's start with the second powerbank with other 560 cells.
I'm thinking on the number of powerbanks to build , to complete the powerhouse.. maybe 4 or 5 should go for a total of 2'240 - 2'800 cells /up to around 20 kWh (my average consumption over a year is 5kWh per day)
Comments? Suggestions?

Wink best regards

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