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Epever Software Issue

win10 2 epever tracer working
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing
I try everything in settings options, also try on another PC - same issue (both win7)

Now i waiting for second Tracer, if i'll have the same situation i'll try with other cable
ok, problem solved...
I was try to conect with my new 1206AN and I have success
probably somethings is wrong with my 1210AN controler

I attached pdf from EP ever support with COM and ID settings, maybe be useful for somebody

Attached Files
.pdf   Add sation and setting the COM port.pdf (Size: 847.79 KB / Downloads: 456)
I finally got mine to work. Thanks for the info here.
1 - swapped yellow and black wires in the CC-USB-RS485-150U cable
2 - In driver settings in device manager check the RS485 box
3 - In driver settings in device manager change Baud rate to 115200
4 - success
There are some custom software (Arduino/Raspberry) that can read data and interact with epever (configure/switch load)

with Arduino i had no luck(but manu user have It working) i m going to are of new video of Colin heckey give me a Better/working software link (i Need to read, store an open/close IOT item)
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing

I had the same problem, connecting my Tracer-3906BP to a Windows PC. I messed around and finally found a solution. For me, it was more than switchen a pair of wires. I had to switch 2 pairs and the the colours that some of you succeeded with was different.

Here is the video:

(07-08-2020, 01:48 PM)StewartMorrisonv Wrote: I had a similar issue but it was because of a driver failure. I don’t really know what it really was, but definitely it was a driver issue. So, I found on this blog: [url=][/url]a good driver updater. It automatically updated every driver that was old. After that the issue disappeared and now I can use everything without any problems and issues. I use my pc to code for Arduino and I really needed this to work. I couldn’t finish my order. So, this is a life safer for me.

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