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Hey Everyone from Massachusetts
Hey everyone I'm new to the forum from Massachusetts in the USA. I've been planing to build a power wall of sorts for a while now and it have finally begun working on it. I have been watching a lot of AveRage Joe's and HBPowerwall's videos on YouTube gathering information on exactly how I'd like to set mine up. A little bit about myself, I'm a 23 year old electromechanical engineer and currently work for a small engineering company. I'm looking forward to talking and collaborating with everyone on the forum. Here's a few screen captures from SolidWorks of my current pack design I'm going to do a test fit tomorrow where I can laser cut the Acrylic holders. These packs will be packs of 100 18650 cells. I put provisions in the holders for Longmon mounting and holes for zip ties to hold down the bus bars, I'm sure there will be plenty of tweaking to do before I come up with a final design. Any input is greatly appreciated! 

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Nice to have another New Englander on board.
I'm just up the road a bit.
Love your acrylic cell holder design.
Looking forward to see your project grow.

For Info Google Drive

Great ABB shunt breaker seller River City Industrial
Great prices and superb service.
 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       
Hello from Ashland and Hadley MA where we are building the power pack for our field-mounted sensors using a couple of Tesla model S packs and a small trailer.


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