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Hello from the US Virgin Islands!
Hello all,
I would like to start off by thanking all of the contributors to this great forum! The amount of information I have found here has been invaluable!
I own a home in the US Virgin Islands. Most people dont realize, but we were devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma along with Puerto Rico (40 miles west).
In response to the total break down of the utility grid, I decided to learn as much as I could about alternative power.
I started with building a 18650 based solar generator (finding fuel after the storms was a challenge). This project sent me down a rabbit hole into the darkside of lithium!
I am currently putting the parts together for a Nissan Leaf based system. I have sourced a good quality pack with Lizard cells. I am looking at a 12kw Sigineer inverter / charger to run it all. I buy solar panels as soon as they become available on my island. 
Thanks to all of you. As I make progress, I will try and keep you all updated. I hope you can help me with any questions as they come up. Hurricane season starts in September!

Welcome buddy, that's one hell of a view both of the ocean and those batteries!
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