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Home energy monitor: Suggestions?
Hi folks.
I've been thinking for a long time about getting me some solar and power wall. My issue so far is that I have way too much standard home improvement stuff to do towards efficiency before I can even start with the solar battery stuff.

But all that aside, I've been watching my energy consumption for a couple years, and it's pretty apparent that I won't be able to run my furnace (even if I upgrade) off solar. In my area, the furnace runs a lot in the cold months which are also the darkest months. When it's nice and sunny, I don't need the furnace. So my thought is to keep the furnace on the grid all the time, and maybe run the rest of the house off solar and battery as a grid-tie system. Is that overly complicated, or do people actually do that?

So to my real question: I'm looking for a way to monitor the energy that my furnace uses over time. Any suggestions?
I've seen a few gadgets that might work, but I hope you all might have suggestions on what to use. The furnace has 2 2-pole breakers. One feeds the blower, and the other feeds the electric heating element. So that's 4 wires total. This is in the US by the way. 

I don't have huge amounts of money to throw around, but I'd like to find something that works well. Here is an example of what I've been finding:

My PUD is excellent about providing tons of info on my overall energy usage. So I figure I'd use something like this to subtract out the furnace, and see what's left for future solar to do.
-Mike G

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There's also this thread:

I currently am using the OpenEnergyMonitor based unit. You could build one of these units yourself. They are pretty easy to do.
They also have prebuilt models as well, emonPi runs on a RaspPi has a pretty active community and a really good build guide.
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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Sonoff + mqtt + grafana and your set. Not much work and kind of free.
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I use the Brultech ECM1240 system here.  The data goes to raspberry Pi > MySQL DB  > Grafana + Thingspeak.

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Thanks everyone! I will look into these things. Smile
-Mike G
Got an older IBM laptop put Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS on it figured out how to get influxdb and Grafana on it.
Then configured my IoTaWatt to send data to the influxdb and started to graph with Grafana.
I ordered 10 more CTs and will set them up in my load center soon to monitor rooms and appliances.
Lots of fun seeing it all in real time.
The results so far.


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If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
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