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My 15kWh Powerwall
  • hundreds of laptop batteries
  • 42 packs a 48 cells to a total of 2016 cells, 14 packs in a row, 3 parallel (14s3p configuration) for 51.8V
  • 50m copper busbar (10x1mm)
  • 7m copper connector bar (10x5mm)
  • 4032 cell holders for 18650
  • 30m fuse wire (0.2mm), 30m copper wire (0.6mm)
  • ~1kg solder
  • lot's of time...

Pack of 48 cells:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=35]


Full installation with SMA Sunny Island 3.0H battery inverter and REC BMS:

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Nice powerwall.
Do you have a youtube channel or a website where i can go for more info or pictures?

Looking good buddy ..
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
BigBattery USA  [/url] 
Tim De Groot NL [url=]

Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
That looks awesome
I like the shelf style.
Nicely done :_)
I love your set up! It's so neatly organized and clean!
WOW, great work there! Its Christmas colored!

Thanks for posting the specs. 

How long did it take you to go from collecting, to up and running?

How long have you been up and running, and did you have any unforeseen problems you had to work through?


Come chat with us!
Hi, can you give more details on the Sunny Island <-> REC BMS interaction, does t work perfectly? what kind of problems/difficulties have you found along the way?
I'de appreciate any kind of info, since I'm considering this setup for my powerwall.

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