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Is YIYEN/YIYUAN a good battery company?
I'm building an off grid 48v solar system for my house in Senegal, West Africa. I'm deciding between the Simpliphi 3.5 KWH battery and a company called YIY through Alibaba which has a 25.6kwh 48v 500AH Lifepo4 energy storage system.

1. The Simpliphi's are expensive but are great for hot weather and will last long. 10 Year Warranty and can parallel batteries infinitely. 

2. YIY has everything included for $11,000 (25kwh Lifepo4, 12kw inverter, and [4] 60 AMP chargers). 3 Year warranty, but have read about problems processing.

Which one should I go with?

See attached for YIY system specs.

This is more of a DIY forum... I doubt you will find someone where with first hand experience with this specific product, but it sure doesn't hurt asking.

At a glance, it doesn't seem like a bad deal... LiFePO4 cells, inverter, chargers, in a complete kit which has a price of about $430 per kWh before freight.

My main concern would be maintenance and support... most people were are designing / building their own systems and taking on this challenge themselves.  Have you looked into support if you are not able to do it yourself?
I agree with your assessment. My biggest concern was the warranty.

I'm going to build my own system with the Simpliphi batteries. But the prices from China are really nice. I will get an inverter/charger from there, most likely a 10kw from YIY.

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