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Perhaps I'm of a different generation, from back when knowledge and understanding was gained through lots of reading and often time consuming research of physical material - Janet made life easier, and made research far faster. Janet morphed into the global access monstrosity now called The Internet, which seems to enable folks to gain short lived, non retained knowledge within a fraction of a second - everyone can be an expert as long as someone or Google feeds them the answers ... which I suppose is all good.

..... but folks seem to have lost the willingness, or ability to do their own research - the ability to read a lengthy document and comprehend the content seems rather a retro talent, reading around a topic learning things you didn't think you needed to learn is an unknown concept.

.... everyone seems to expect to learn by being spoon fed bullet pointed info - which isn't so bad if you want to learn how to bake a cake.

@ 100kwh-hunter and anyone else who wonders why I sometimes come across as grumpy, please dont ask questions that you could answer for yourself having done just a little  reading around the topic, even reading the FAQ or some old posts will help you ... 

I'm always happy to point folks in the right direction if they show some indication that they are at least in some part willing to do some of the legwork  .....
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In my off-grid setup, I handle this by using Midnite Solar Classic aux1 relay to turn on/off my inverter at specific voltage range and then automatic transfer switches such as Go Power TS-30 (30amp) and Progressive Dynamics PD52DCVS (50amp with surge) so that my circuits in house are powered either from inverter or grid. For sensative circuits (computer, tivo, ..) I use an APC downstream from one of the automatic transfer switches to power a set of plugs. This lets me charge the battery via Midnite Solar Classic controller and control battery DOD etc by voltage range. The battery bank size (40kwh), the inverter (12,000w), and number of circuits - average/max power draw - are coordinated.

In the main panel case I have a tandem Progressive Dynamics PD52DCSV Transfer Switch Surge Protected automatic transfer switch powering a Reliance Controls Pro/Tran 2 - 30-Amp (manual) Transfer Switch - which lets me toggle on/off various circuits to adjust the overall load on that feed from the inverter.
I am not picking a fight or whatsoever, or want to insult someone.
I want to thank you for your compliment, that you think my (technical) english is very good.
I am not being sarcastic, i really see this as a compliment that you think my english is that good.
But unfortunately my english is not that good, that's why i have those questions, cous some things don't want to sink in.
Aldo i reread some pieces THREE times, it just won't sink in.

The power of learning is repeating, and read it all, no i don't want to have a tailored answer or pre chewed answer to my question.
Then you would end up having a working system and you don't even know how it works, and what if a problem occourse?
That's why i keep on asking questions, cous indeed with the internet of today, you can get the info with the speed of a bullet, but what does make the bullet fly? and why, and how, how to obtain accuracy/hit the target.
Hit a target at 10 yards or you want to be able to hit a target at 1.4 miles?
My old fashioned library contains 12.000 PAPER books, i like to read not to collect books

I don't see as grumpy: i see it more as a very polite rage.
Hey at least you where proving humanSmile.

I apologize for my lack of technical english knowledge, and want to have some reinsurance before i spend hard earned money.(2000 euro)
I did not wanted to offend someone, that is not what i am here for.

Thanks for reading


I was also thinking about the option to do something with relais.
Something called pre choice switch, very simple to make.

Seems to be a nice device, i will dug in to that one.
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