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Hello from germany, my 14s100p Powerwall with 15kWh
Hello everybody,

this is my version of a 15kWh diy powerwall made from used 18650 cells.
Its a 14s100p system each pack has 300Ah. As inverter I use a FSP Solar Powermanger Hybrid 10kw, its the same like the infini hybrid. The BMS is a Batrium with a Watchmon 4 and 14 Longmons, it works fine.

my test station

all the cells, nearly 2500

first sorting

16sqmm copper busbars and 0,02mm fuse wire

all the finished packs with xt90 connectors

the complete system

100A battery fuse

the power distributor
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Nice work! If you put your head in the middle of the packs does it feel fuzzy? Big Grin
How many hours would you estimate you have into this project?
Hi and welcome to the forum Smile !

Very nice and clean work, it looks like you've made your homework before you started building your powerwall... I love the copper busbars and the woodwork, reminds me of my setup Big Grin :

Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see more of your project here.

Greetings from Braunschweig,
have sun!


P.S.: As far as I can see from your workshop, you're also a big OSB fan Wink . Do you regularily watch 'let's bastel' on youtube...?

Cells tested: 6.618 (overall cap.: 13.335 Ah, average cap.: 2.015 mAh)
Cells in production: 3.500 (overall cap.: 7.350 Ah, average cap.: 2.100 mAh)
Powerwall setup: 7s500p, 1.050 Ah, 27 kWh
Project page
Live solar/powerwall values
Daily graph
@owitte yes. i knew lets bastel but I build up my workshop before I watch it the first time :-)

@GMRedline I can't say how long exactly I need to set it up completely. I think all in something about 80 hours.
Herzlich Willkommen! :-)

Very Very nice work - exactly what im going to do.
You did the housing of 'Fermacell' right? It would be the first choice for my battery housing.

I like the XC90 connectors.
With what values ​​is the battery charged / discharged?

Grüße aus Erkelenz

first, awesome setup. Looking really good. From what region in germany are you?

You wrote one pack got 300 Ah so average cell capacity is 3000 mAh? How did you test cells? Or are they new?
My Powerwall Build Thread

Maniac_Powerwall: 1x 14S100P 18650 LiIo, 6x 345W LG panels, MPP Solar PIP5048GK, Batrium Watchmon4 BMS
@richie241 yes housing is a metal cabinet which I covered with fermacell inside.
I charge and discharge the batteries with 50A. So nothing is gonna getting warm.

@Maniac_Powerwall I live near Bonn. Yes the average cell capacity is 3000 mAh I tested the cells with 10 Opus C3100 chargers, noticed the capacity, charged them fully up and let they rest for 8 weeks. Then I measured the voltage of every single cell, and sort out cells with less than 4,1V.
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Very very nice and clean build.  On your woodwork, did you cut those pack holders on a bandsaw?
Looks great with the opus lined up like that. But are you sure they can take enough air in to cool down and have a good cell reading?

Nice wood work mate!

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