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[SELLING] 120 GBP/KWh 24v (7S) (14S) UK / Europe
Hi I have some 7S (24V) Packs for sale in England, UK.

nominal voltage :25.9v
Capacity            :2040 Wh
Charge              :80Ah
Max Discharge  :170A
Charge current  :29.4v
Size 33 x 18x 17 cm
They are with LG MG1 cells 2900mah 10 A (7s28P) (2015-2016+)
fully tested on 30A discharge and they have 102% capacity

From spec they have recommended 3000x cycles and 70%+ capacity


7S 20P Packs with samung 29E cells ( 2018+)
60A max cont discharge
160A ( for 30s )
( 2kwh)

In This price ( 120 GBP) postage in UK Included

Postage for Europe ( 10KG =13GBP + ) (30KG = 23GBP +)

*Packs have 0 cycle use and nominal capacity , they had some problems with electronics  ( but cells are fine in 100%)
I Selling them with guarantee so you don'n need worry about fake packs or fake cells :Smile

Buyers welcome to view & collect, Located in Northampton (40x+ packs availabe)

Send me some message if you have some questions about how to connect few of them ( its realy easy ) or if you have some more questions about size or if you need more photos
73879 16735(Whatsapp)

Large quantities discounts available!!!,


Are the new cells or recovered cells?
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
BigBattery USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
Tim De Groot NL
Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
UP * cells never been use and they have nominal capacity + Smile
PM sent
Quote:120 GBP/KWh

Quote:7S 20P Packs with samung 29E cells ( 2018+)
( 2kwh)

Isn't 7 x 20 x 2900 mAh more like ~1.5 kWh? So it's 180 per Pack, is this correct?

What's the s & h to 97070, Bavaria, Germany, for a pack of two (2 x 7s20s)? Thank you.
PM sent
1. didn't get any PM

2. I don't need this in a PM anyway. Is the cost for shipping/handling a secret?
No reply to my pm I sent about purchasing some of these.....guess they must be all sold and thread needs updating ?
(07-07-2019, 11:50 AM)solarsteve Wrote: No reply to my pm I sent about purchasing some of these.....guess they must be all sold and thread needs updating ?

Batterypower's Last Visit: 06-26-2019, 06:55 AM

Perhaps sending an email instead might be better.
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Ok, I'll try an e-mail...thank you

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