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[SELLING] 120 GBP/KWh 24v (7S) (14S) UK / Europe
Hi I have some 7S (24V) Packs for sale in England, UK.

nominal voltage :25.9v
Capacity            :2040 Wh
Charge              :80Ah
Max Discharge  :170A
Charge current  :29.4v
Size 33 x 18x 17 cm
They are with LG MG1 cells 2900mah 10 A (7s28P) (2015-2016+)
fully tested on 30A discharge and they have 102% capacity

From spec they have recommended 3000x cycles and 70%+ capacity


7S 20P Packs with samung 29E cells ( 2018+)
60A max cont discharge
160A ( for 30s )
( 2kwh)

In This price ( 120 GBP) postage in UK Included

Postage for Europe ( 10KG =13GBP + ) (30KG = 23GBP +)

*Packs have 0 cycle use and nominal capacity , they had some problems with electronics  ( but cells are fine in 100%)
I Selling them with guarantee so you don'n need worry about fake packs or fake cells :Smile

Buyers welcome to view & collect, Located in Northampton (40x+ packs availabe)

Send me some message if you have some questions about how to connect few of them ( its realy easy ) or if you have some more questions about size or if you need more photos
73879 16735(Whatsapp)

Large quantities discounts available!!!,


Are the new cells or recovered cells?
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UP * cells never been use and they have nominal capacity + Smile
PM sent
Quote:120 GBP/KWh

Quote:7S 20P Packs with samung 29E cells ( 2018+)
( 2kwh)

Isn't 7 x 20 x 2900 mAh more like ~1.5 kWh? So it's 180 per Pack, is this correct?

What's the s & h to 97070, Bavaria, Germany, for a pack of two (2 x 7s20s)? Thank you.
PM sent
1. didn't get any PM

2. I don't need this in a PM anyway. Is the cost for shipping/handling a secret?
No reply to my pm I sent about purchasing some of these.....guess they must be all sold and thread needs updating ?
(07-07-2019, 11:50 AM)solarsteve Wrote: No reply to my pm I sent about purchasing some of these.....guess they must be all sold and thread needs updating ?

Batterypower's Last Visit: 06-26-2019, 06:55 AM

Perhaps sending an email instead might be better.
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Ok, I'll try an e-mail...thank you

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