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[Group Buy?] 5kw 48v Split Phase 110/220v Hybrid MPP Inverter
So I've been chatting with the folks over at MPP Solar out of Taipei about doing a group buy and their new 5kw 48v split phase hybrid inverter is now ready! I want to see how much, if any, interest there is in a group buy before putting together prices. As most of us know, the more you buy on one invoice the cheaper it is.

Price for one, without any bulk pricing is $1195 - Shipping Included.  

User Manual
If you would have asked me 2 years ago, I'd probably say yes, but now... No thanks. They aren't worth it. $1200 for 5000W. People who have the PIPs say even at half load they get very hot and pretty much can't run full load, so I'd consider it to be a 3000W inverter. If you want two, you're paying now $2400 for two inverters plus have to buy the parallel kit, which gives you a usable 6000W continuous. At that price, you're much better off just getting the AIMS for $100 more, giving you a 10,000W inverter, with 10,000W continuous usability and 1.25x overload for up to 15 minutes.

Sorry, not impressed by the PIPs at all after looking at other options and too many people are buying them just because certain people have them.
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I wouldn't go to say all PIPs are a bad choice. It's biggest thing is it's affordable. I can't see any other unit under $600 that is a charger, inverter and mppt controller all in one. And I've personally had good support from the MPPSolar folks. Performance wise I have not gone full load on the system but gone close to it. It's probably a high freq inverter type so it's possible that it doesn't handle heavy motor starts well (not confirmed myself). So if you have a 3 ton central ac I can see it having a tough time. But if you respect certain aspects of it and balance out your resistive and inductive loads it works well.

Now back to this split phase version. I don't like it. It looks like a frankenstein mod of two 2.4kw pips, and it probably is. PIPs are bad with idle loads, and this one is worse. A 4048 has a idle load of 78W in the manuals and this one is at 100W. So seeing my 2.4w is around 50W, this makes sense. If your system is large enough to cover this loss then it wouldn't be so bad. Price wise it's not great either, and I've seen the grid-tie version on for around $1300 as a combo kit.

Personally I'd get a regular 230v 5048 for around $750-$800 and a Victron autotransformer for $550 if I was to go to the higher route.

This post was for a group buy " A GROUP BUY TREAD "

This tread should have people posting if they are interested in a group buy...   I would also entertain there being a Q and A on this new unit so those interested could see if it fits there needs...…. For what ever reason I didn't receive MIKES post well. Maybe it was in good intentions. I hope so !


I for one would like to know more about the unit … As I'm still in the building stage of my battery ( 15S ) it doesn't look to me as this unit would like that .. But I'm having problems understanding there spec sheet listed above. I have a Schneider Conext SW 4048 input voltage range of 40 to 68 witch is good with 15S...  My point is I would still go with two of these units..  Why ???   well I could us my PCM60X with my SW4048 on one array …  and use the PIP units on other arrays … 14S would still work on the SW4048 … So planning is key !!!!

As far as 100 watts idle …   well its doing two things...  If I look at what my PCMX60 idle rate is and the SW 4048 is … what are you really using to keep the system up and running.... Remember the PIP is doing more then just inverting...

I would like to know more about what it can and can not do …. But being able to run 3 units together does sound good. I'm sure once they start selling them and people use them they will work out the input rates.   I would love to see a 450Volt with around 3000 to 3500 watt PV input and a 40 to 66 volt battery input. That would have made me jump up and down..   Looks like the PV input is like my PCMX60 witch is fine...  But the higher PV input lowers cost over all.

I'm up for more INFO !!!    and I would buy one or two if the price is right .

Again lets keep this post on point !!!! Thanks for everyone here on this forum .. I try to help when I can if people ask.. and I always look for others here for info on my projects..   Thanks Guys !
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