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just starting out with 18650
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i have been off grid for years i recently  discovered this power wall community
just started the process of getting my 18650  and charging  and testing comments and suggestions welcome
i been watching all you guys vids    some great info out there thanks ed r
Here's some links that may be helpful.
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Excellent articles and necessary reading ....thanks!
I’ve been playing with these types of batteries for over 15+ years now… and the best advice I can think of giving is really take your time to understand these batteries and how they work. The general characteristics is a good place to start, along with the do’s and don’ts. The voltage range, what the discharge curves look like, how they react to different charge and discharge rates. You get a really good feel for these batteries and working them becomes second nature.

Invest in the right tools to support this venture. But a quality digital multimeter, DC clamp meter, soldering station, variable bench power supply, DC load, RC charger of good quality with granular functions. Personally I think the tools are very important and truly an investment and can help you test and identify problems before they actually become problems.

Anything you lean apply it to a small scale project on the bench for testing in a 7s1p configuration so you can charge and discharge without the penalty of time having to test of huge packs. Anything you learn here will scale into something larger without bringing any mistakes with you.
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