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Safely housing the battery bank
I have seen a lot of talk on the Youtube channels about where you should house your battery banks. The general consensus that I see is that it should be in a separate "shed", several feet from your home. In case it were to catch on fire, since Li-ion is very hard to put out. This would keep your home/dwelling safe from the fire. 

Anyone ever though of something like this? It's a bit more expensive than your standard stick built shed. Sadly, I don't live in the UK where this one is sold. But, a small sized steel shipping container with wood cladding, that can be painted the same color to match your home. That would be ideal in a larger community of homes where you don't have much land, and where you may have community restrictions on the look and feel of things (like sheds). For instance, I live on a golf course, and there is a rule where any shed must be of the same construction style and materials, and be painted the same color as our home. 

Pretty stupid, but I think this shipping container made of steel would be able to contain the fire until it runs out of oxygen. The wood cladding helps with the local ordinances that might be in effect. 

Many think of it. It Will work but it wont contain the fire as such. Just think of it like a container to house the stuff Smile

Whats needed is proper ventilation in it if a fire starts. Thats what Will determine IF it can cope with the fire
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I was thinking of something like this as the battery box... ground mount in the back yard or something.  Easy to re-paint too.

Personally i dont like steel, steel heats up also and is a conductor.
Yes, with ventilation...what does fire need.
To create a temperature controlled vacuum chamber would be a little bridge to far?(-:

How about to put a fire out once its started? I don't believe with water.
With a gas cylinder? like halon gas or similar?

I think in my case my first setup would be with wooden sheet and at the inside some rockwool or vermiculite or some ceramic insulation.
With a second hand chimney on top of it to direct the flames away.
My second setup will be in the shed for the filters for the pound.
(profile pic)
Its all brickwork, but with a lot of trees around it, if that catches a fire....

I hope this was helpfull,

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Brickwork or masonry seems like a really good idea too.
Having the batteries in steel boxes but located inside a clean, dry, bug sealed garden shed seems like a good idea.

I've done it this way:
Garden shed on a concrete slab ~ 1.2m from the house.
Shed has a 25mm box steel frame & typical sheet metal exterior walls.
It's got all (almost!) of the gaps sealed with builders foam & the roof has heaps of extra silicone.
It's lined it with 25mm fire retardant polystyrene sheet insulation (made big difference).
Electronics is mounted on sheets of "form ply" (stuff builders use for form-work for concrete slabs).
Batteries (large LiFePo4 x 4) are in individual steel cases.

Another material that's going to be fire resistant is cement sheet board - probably has a bunch of different trade names, called Hardiplank or Villaboard downunder here.
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I'd keep a large pack in the basement concrete storage room. Advantages:

- concrete - nothing to burn
- optimal temperature for Li-ion (no overheat)
- can store there the actual battery in anything (including a metal shelf)

A possible problem would be humidity, but that's only in some cases, depending on your area. This has simple solutions, though, so it's not a major issue in any case.
I've been thinking of storing and charging my batteries in a wooden box lined with drywall. It should work almost as well as a metal box and be much easier to build to a custom size.
My battery bank is under the house with corrugated metal on top, cinder block on sides, concrete/stone flooring.   There is a smoke detector right near it.

The area is nice temp (12 to 24C) all year with no work and convenient for house wiring/infrastructure/maintenance. 

An external shed would be a big effort/expense and hot (40C ambient July/Aug) and cold in winter (-7C) so shed/equipment/batteries would need cooling/heat.

I agree that its not in any way fireproof (you can see wood/side of house in left of picture and shelves are wood) but I think its fire resistant to some degree.

With fused cells and modest charge/discharge (500ma 'ish), modest DOD (4.0v to 3.3v per pack), and batrium/monitro/controls...  its not clear to me that spontaneous fire is a huge risk...  BUT 

I'd be interested in assessment of fire with a well managed battery bank.    

 Is fire resistant a reasonable approach?
Still happy with my setup... strong double plated steel cabinet, doors also double steel strong locks and seals, these cabinets are made for safe keeping of documents, already kind of fireproof.
Made some venitlation holes, they are open on the bottom and on top with a "over pressure" flappy thingy ( like used on dryer exhaust ).
Packs are fixed on the front and have spacers on the back, they will not fall over or move.

Maybe i will put something between the packs to prevent one pack to light the other... might make it safer.

Will Co2 work as a extinguisher ?

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