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DIY firesafe casing - Test
Regular drywall what we use in the construction is 30 minutes fire resistant per 10mm.

Nice thinking on that foam and coating.
(05-09-2019, 09:24 AM)thanar Wrote: Nice test. I was also thinking of using drywall pieces between cell groups. There's fire-resistance drywall as well, it's got a pink wrapper, instead of the green seen on your video. Green ones are for humid places, actually. I have an important question, though: What kind of cells were you using? Were they end-of-life cells? I believe everything would be much more violent if you were to use new, high-capacity, fully-charged cells.

I used different kind of cells. Some (nearly) full charged Sanyo heaters, some fully charged DLG cells and some "good" and full charged Sanyo cells.
Where did you buy a heat gun? Now I plan to buy one for myself, tired of the remnants of my 3D printers, I was advised that this will solve my problem. I've only found these reviews myself.

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