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Time to Participate
Hi All,

I've been digging through the forums here for months and the time finally came to get more involved.  I caught "the bug" about half a year ago when I found out that you could salvage 18650s and build your own batteries.  I'm a salvage nut already, but this presented something that I could manage with a limited time budget until the kids are older.  I found this forum shortly after and recently started investing in gear to begin harvesting.

My end goal is to build an EV battery for a conversion project, but going to start smaller first with ideas for some custom power tool battery builds, Powerwheels battery, and flashlight batteries to build skills while I build an inventory of 2000+mAh cells.  I've got a BT-C3100 charger and already modified it as per suggestions here with additional cooling and a PC power supply.  Following Daromer's flow chart with the added step of discharging to 3.7V for long term storage.  I have a source for cells but its more of a trickle as I'm in a small town, so I'm setting up for a marathon build.  At this point I've got about 100 cells for the big build and about 20 for the smaller ones, but I'm a patient guy, and there's lots to learn in the meantime.

There is so much great information on these forms, thank you to everyone that participates.
Mobilis in Mobili
Cell count as of 10/10/2019
234 Cells >2000mAh, >80% Rem. Cap., 14 day resting voltage >4.12V
191 Cells of Everything Else
68 In progress
Aiming for 8 cells tested a day
More info on my Google Drive

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