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high and low current lithium cells
Personally I would never use laptop cells in an ebike or any high drain application.

Yes, with enough in parallel, you could make it work to keep the C rates down, but most bikes don’t have the real-estate for that type of pack configuration.

You either end up with a poor performance due to the voltage sag under load, and or excess heat. High drain cells do a much better job.

I know it can be done, but the amount of time, effort, and consumables that go into pack building, I can see it being a waste of you don’t like the end result.
In my case, my battery bank (of mix of 18650 cells) is large enough that the max charge rate is 276ma / cell and theoretical max possible discharge/pull from inverter (250amp @ 48v) is 1400ma. The actual max so far is 700ma / cell.

At these levels - 300ma charge, 700ma discharge - almost any reasonable cell will function well. So proper battery bank sizing can mitigate the need for hi amp cells and its perfectly fine to have a mix of hi/lower. My highest is 10amp cells and lowest is 3amp cells - with average of 4-5amp as lower amp are usually cheaper.

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