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Inverter for used Tesla module (6s)
Hi all. I've just purchased a used 24v (6s) tesla battery module. I bought it because I haven't been able to easily source enough used cells cheaply enough for it to be worth putting together my own pack. 
The problem of course is that it is only a 6s pack, and for a 24v system a 7s configuration would be better. It wouldn't be an issue except the minimum input voltage for most 24v inverters seems to be around 21v, and since I don't want to charge my pack much past 24.5v, that would allow me to use only maybe 50-60% of the capacity of my pack. 
For cost reasons I've been thinking about using an MPPsolar PIP-3024MSE. But the minimum input voltage for it is 21v, and also the minimum that the charge voltage can be set to is 25v, which is a bit higher than I am comfortable taking my pack. I understand though that some people are running alternative firmware on the PIP inverters, so I was wondering if there was any alternative firmware that would allow me to change the minimum input voltage to 19-20v and prevent the charge controller from going above 24.5v. If not I though I could use a voltage relay to disconnect my panels from the inverter when the voltage hits 24.5, or turn on a diversion load to prevent the voltage climbing any higher. But that doesn't help with the minimum voltage issue. 

Alternatively I could stretch my budget and get a Victron Multiplus 24/3000, which would take care of the low voltage issue (they go down to 19v), but I would have to stretch even further for a separate charge controller.

24V MultiplusII 3000/70 venus gx SIMPbms to Tesla module: it just works
can control, over/under voltage, over/undertemp, set amps for charge/discharge, ramp down current when close to 100% SOC,
size up/size down to a max of 64 modules..

pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
36Kw ESS, 320 Yuasa LEV40 cells
14.2Kwp Ciggs solar panels, 2 Goodwe 3phase inverters
SMA SI 8.0 single phase + controls, REC BMS

second life ev/phev li-on batteries
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