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[CLOSED] [FREE FREE FREE] 18650 cells and pouch cells
I have the following cells that I am giving away. I would very much prefer to give away in one transaction. I'd prefer a local hand off (near Denver, CO, USA), but if the recipient wants to arrange and pay for shipping, I can do that as well.

The 18650 cells below have all been tested and most are at rated capacity, or at 90%+. I have collected quite a few cells lately and I figured I'd thin the heard while helping others. I believe all of the cells below can be found in the database.

(20) ICR18650/26V, EVE 26V, 2600mAh
(5) ASO/SZN 18650, 2000mAh
(6) RS 10 ZJ 18650 NMC 3.7V 20F A NMC, 2000mAh 
(2) LS LR1865SK, 2150mAh
(2) SAMSUNG INR18650-13B, 1300mAh
(7) SAMSUNG INR18650-25R, 2500mAh
(9) SAMSUNG INR18650-13Q, 1300mAh
(22) LG LGDAHA11865, 1300mAh

I also have a box these large format pounch cells.
(30) LG, mystery pouch cells, ~9000mAh, 
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I'll take all if you don't mind shipping. I can cover the shipping and handling. I am in the US in Georgia.

These cells are heading to TX.

I'm continually pickup up and processing cells. I'm sure I'll have another lot to give away in the coming months.

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