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Cabin Powerwall
I am Brand new to powerwalls and i want to get into them. i am lucky to have  a small cabin in the middle of nowhere and i have a small 50w solar panel and i want to do a small laptop battery powerwall in it to power like lights and a couple of outlets for charging phones and a radio and a cb radio. any help would be extremely apreciated. Dont worry i still need to mount the solar pannel too

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Nice! Always nice to have a small building just randomly out in the middle of nowhere Tongue

Welcome to the forum and look forward to your build progress.
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Nice project, but first of all... it have to be a pretty huge powerwall for you to get into it! ;P Haaahaaaa....

House looking great. You should have room to run the wiring along the beams inside? And then put some plywood over it. Mark up on the plywood where to wires should go out, inverters, mains etc.. If you want to make holes in the outwall for solar panels, you use PU foam to close it up again. I think?

Didnt catch you on Discord. But welcome there and here! Big Grin

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