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Fusing Question
Any change to post what kind of glas fuses you use, where to get and cost? Maybe even a link.

(05-19-2019, 06:08 PM)Herbi Wrote: I am currently using 2A glas fuses. Like these:

If I run 16A from 8 parallel cells, I get the following voltage drops over those fuses:
68, 67, 69, 83, 70, 67, 59, 65 mV. Take 1 or 2 mV for the soldering spots.
At ambient room temperature, they get about hand warm.

If I run 24A from them, I get average 160 - 190 mV and they get hot to the touch, but not unbearable. They dont blow yet, even its about 3A each for them.

1/6Watt-Resistor legs (about 1cm, decreases linear if length shortend):
6A= up to 500mV, glows but does not blow

3A glas fuses:
4,5A= glows

I tried 0,2mm diameter copper wire, but its blows at about 15A only. Too much.

Resistor legs seem about right for what I need. I will try 5A glas fuses and report back.

I promised to come back for more:

For 5A fuses (3x10mm) I get about 25mV running 2A through them and about 65mV pushing 5A. Acceptable losses.
Great info ...TY!

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