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Hello everyone,, i m new to this forum...
Hello everyone,,
Just over 2 weeks ago I came across a video from Jehu Garcia. After about 2 days of random video watching I came across Pete's HBPowerwall / The Project 18650 and since then I have binge watched around 150 videos in that playlist.. currently watching Longmon install.

So far I have
Digital Multimeter
Soldering iron
Side cutter (never really used one so far)
13 battery packs (finally.. 1 from work and 12 from PC repair shop)
Opus BT 3100
5 x (10 piece 4x5 18650 mount)
Cut resistant Level 5 gloves - thanks Daveyboy for being so explicit about needing good ones

Agreed to borrow workshop space at my neighbour's workshop.. he wants to see what I build.
Heck even the Missus was impressed when I told her what Pete managed with his setup - reckon she was thinking I am going a bit (more than usual) mad.

All in all happy to have a hobby that doesn't involve coding yet.

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