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Leaf Testing & Capacity
Hello everyone,,
Very new to Second life. Wanted to ensure i'm doing at least something right. If not, please help guide me. To follow i will photograph and document my current process. These (48 Packs or Modules) will eventually be the start of my power-wall. After seeing this forum and current test findings i have come to the conclusion that as i add to the wall (Later)  it will be in the form of 18650's. $'s to usable capacity seems to repeatedly bring me back to this conclusion. I wish i would have found this forum prior to jumping into the fire. As progress moves along (slowly) i will continue to update progress and any irregular findings. Charging and discharging takes hours and hours, with the necessity to be present (Safety) it makes it even longer.

My goal? Through my actions-mistakes-and success , to help the next person simplify this.

Step 1: Unboxing-checking voltage-and initial charge.
Seller shipped at 8.0v, so far 15 deep they have been received between 7.88 and 8.01v (i believe that is good)
Cell balance (2 in parallel) have also been acceptable (i believe) from 3.94 to 4.01v each individual module has been within .01v on balance check.

I then did the first and only full BALANCE charge. Performed at 4amps. This alone takes 5 to 7 Hours each FYI. Using the B6 charger as shown.
So far the charger has displayed Mah results of 11,000 (+ or - 8v shipped) roughly to 19000 (single 7.88V Shipped) roughly. Most are 11-13000Mah


My solders waiting there turn for discharge.

Step 2: Discharging. After resting for 4-8 days depending on my schedule. (Not immediately)
I used 2each 12v Halogen 50w light bulbs as the load through the shown meter. At this point i recorded the voltage start from the meter and discharged to 6.5v for testing. The meter quits at this point. This is how i recorded the Wh capacity of each. Below is initial hook up.


Below is after 1 Hour of discharge 

Step 3: Bottom balancing.
Voltmeter was set to engage at 2.65v and disengage at 2.5v. More on this to come. Goals here are to get as close to 2.95v as possible after resting. I have seen so much information on this that i felt i should do it. I'm sure the people on this forum can give perfect explanations for doing this as well as NOT doing it. Being new i felt it wouldn't hurt. If anything another data point, and a better test result of capacity when charging to 8.1v for storage and comparing battery performance equality?
Below you will find set up and equipment (ALL FROM EVTV MOTORWERKS)
You'll need something more upmarket than a B6 if you want to test leaf modules fully, and within a reasonable time period.

Your low cut off voltages are rather low - but you mention 18650s so I'm not entirely sure what you are referring to.

Bottom balancing is futile - did you intend to include images ?

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