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Enphase IQ inverters, bidirectional?
I was reading about the upcoming Enphase Ensemble and IQ 8 inverter and came across a statement that indicated the IQ 6 and IQ7 inverters are bidirectional.  They have an ability to produce AC (normal inverter) or DC (hopefully to charge batteries).  Has anyone played with this or know of anyone who has?

P.S. The marketing guano about the Ensemble sounds pretty cool.  Automatic micro grid/off grid, no batteries needed up to the output of the solar panels.  Although, except in full and constant sun, I would think batteries would be highly recommended.

I got an email about enphase Ensemble yesterday. Seemed interesting, but it was at such a high level I couldn't really really tell what the benefit was over the existing IQ 6/7 inverters.

I would be interested on thoughts from some of the experts around here about whether or not they are really introducing anything new/novel or just re-branding existing options with a new name.

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