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Plain breaker/fusing or Trip Shunt Breaker for Batrium...OR INSTEAD A CONTACTOR??
I went ahead and purchased a used ABB shunt trip 150 amp breaker and a wire wound resistor to put in line from the 48V to 24V shunt trip today.  With all the great communication here I felt that this was probably the best way to go.  Thanks everyone.  

Now the challenge will be to see how it all works with the Batrium without the expansion board.  I will wire it up exactly like the Batrium website diagram suggests with the addition of the resistor on the positive side to the shunt trip and see how it all works.  It will be another week or so to get all this together and I will post what the results are once I have had a chance to test it.
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I use a contactor with my system - mainly because I was adding a LiFePo4 pack onto an existing Outback FW500 setup that already had a suitable breaker for inverter protection. My contactor came from an EV pack and so far seems reliable. It has magnetic arc blow out and built in pre-charge protection. 12v contactor.
Current system: 9.6kWh wet Nicad batteries, 16S1P Calb LiFePo4 210aH, Batrium WM4, Outback vfx3048 inverter, mx60 mppt controller, flexware 500 mounting hardware, 2.4kW solar array, 6kW lister diesel genset. MY'13 Vauxhall Ampera

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