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[SELLING] 180 pink samsung tested 2ah+ cells $200us
Hi all-
My project is headed in a different direction, so these cells must go!
all cells were harvested at 3v+, charged, and capacity tested on a opus 3100. The ah capacity was then written on the side in 2 number format (28 = 28oomah).

These cells range in orig capacity from 3000 (INR18650-30Q) to 2600 (icr18650-26j).

weight- 20lbs without any shipping material.

Located in San Diego, CA, USA. Asking $200. If you want me to ship, let me know how you'd like them shipped (how you want them packaged, etc), and we can work something out.

I accept crypto, cash, or paypal w/ fee.
Add images or risk thread removal
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Yep images please Tongue
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sale pending.

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