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Makita Battery 18V 5Ahrs
I've just bought a heavy duty grass trimmer ...runs on two if these ....

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTBrrdARXukVb8jeRy74cT...D2wFk-gcmA]
Someone on Youtube has broken one open and they contain 10 Sony cells .... we can assume they're 2500mAHr cells , since Makita also have the same pack in 3 , 4 and 6 Ahr ... 

These packs are on ebay at $15.6 each including postage , that's $1.56US per genuine Sony 2500 cell , and the pack has a lot of electronics inside .... this must indicate the true price of a cell is around a $ ....
If they are real Makita batts and not fakes etc. The Sony batts are 30-35A (C4-C8) batts and are very good. Mikita also use Sansung 15M/15M/25R for some packs. 23A rated. Great for e-Bike etc. I'd buy one from eBay and check first, seems a little to good to be true.
I doubt you can get real makita 5Ah batteries for $15.60 shipped. Maybe "as is" or "for parts" but not new. And if they are new, they are probably generic replacement batteries. I have a bunch of Masione 3Ah replacement batteries for Makita and they have LG cells in them, but they could just be a fake rewrap of generic cells. I'm not saying generic cells are bad, you can check my longevity test thread of generic cells, and I'm almost at 400 cycles with still more than 90% capacity left. Just don't expect 10 genuine brand new Sony 2500mAh cells for that price on ebay.
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Yes, you have to be careful.

1/2 of them could be 2500mAh 20A cells, and 1/2 of them could be 2500mAh 10A cells.
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
I am in doubt that they are real...a second hand 6 amp Makita pack is rugfly 50 euro a new one around 100-120 euro.
In dollar the numbers would go up.
I've ordered two of these ... I'm reluctant to break one open , it will destroy it ,(see this video .. but I'll try to measure capacity and report back

(06-15-2019, 08:29 PM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: I am in doubt that they are real...a second hand 6 amp Makita pack is rugfly 50 euro a new one around 100-120 euro.
In dollar the numbers would go up.

When I bought the machine from my local shop (in Thailand)   I also bought 2 packs @ $40 each !!

I think it's a case of a line of middle men pushing up the prices .... A number of eBay sellers in china and hongkong selling apparently genuine 5Ahr below $20 ( you have to buy 2 to get this price)
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That's a know fact: everybody wants to earn and makes a profit.
When you live close to the factory that makes them, you won't have to pay for shipping handling storage tax selling ect.

Hmmmm deals this way are tempting.....
It's also a known fact that nobody goes into business to lose money. If you add up the cost of the cells, assembly, case, BMS, shipping costs, and seller profit, there is no way these are genuine. Usually there is a rule of 4 - seller selling for twice what it cost them, and manufacturer selling to seller for twice the cost of manufacturing, leading to a base cost of $4 for your pack of 10 genuine Sony high drain high capacity cells. The only case I can think of is liquidation - factory selling in bulk to get rid of them (batteryhookup's business model) but even then, they still try to get a near market price, unless there is no market.

Please follow up with us, I'm curious what you will get!
Formerly known as Dallski
Indeed nobody goes into business to lose money. I wouldn't.
But if he can make an offer incl shipment,i can not refuse, who am i to refuse.

But indeed be careful for fake.
I have alot of them .2000and up 3400

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