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Makita Battery 18V 5Ahrs
Original Makitas of 5Ah @ 18V are around 50-60$.
You can get half that price if they are used a little.
So I doubt they are authentic at 15$.

This one is original:

But the pic can be used to sell fakes too, so better give us a real picture of what you've got and some determinations can be made.
@ the Borg,
50$ is still Very cheap from where i live....very cheap.
70 euro for 5 amp new and almost 100 euro for a 6 amp new......
what if he lives one hour drive away from the factory? instead of the other side of the world?
And he could ship them directly??????

If he can sell me Hilti batteries for less then 40-50$ he can sell 10 right away!
I dont care if he bought them for 10.
Makita, i can hook up clients enough around here!
He earns 10 bucks a piece and i earn 10 euro a piece....

Yes to good to be true......
Such scenarios when someone sells from factory's door are very rare.
It's much more likely that they are fakes made with very cheap cells.
But the best way is to disassemble and test.

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