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Fusing for Batrium on 48V
Here is another question coming up for me.  What are folks using for fusing on the Batrium system when running on 48V.  I assume all fuses have to be rated for 48V and trying to find those at low amp ratings for things like the shunt trip wiring has resulted in zip for me.  So help is appreciated.  Please supply all suggestions for Batrium fusing if you can.
I use 10x38mm fuses. There are smaller options available, but I already had several of the holders from other projects.

Eaton Bussman UL Fuse Holder...

Littlefuse KLKD Series are rated for 600VDC. There are many sizes available, here's the 2A for example.
Thanks ...I spent about 45 minutes searching this morning with the 48V 4A etc. criteria ...and came up with nothing.
Might help to also put in-rush current limiters in series with control electronics, I don't like the big "splat" when connecting directly to the batteries.
eg from the supplier element14:
B57237S0229M000 - Thermistor, Epcos, ICL NTC, 2.2 ohm
B57236S0479M000 - Thermistor, Epcos, ICL NTC, 4.7 ohm
This also makes it much less stressful for the fuses at turn on.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Thanks once again.  Sean what do you mean by 10x38?
There's a standard fuse size of 10mm x 38mm & quick blow DC rated fuses do come in this size.
Apparently sometimes they're called "midget" fuses
Eg like these:
or these:
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Thanks ...I just di not recognize the 10x38 ...meaning midget fuses.

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