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Batrium elite / wm6
Hi guys.

Are there anyone there can tell me if elite version, will have the capability to add several 14s too it? Or is it only for 1x14s?

I can't find any information about this.

Batrium have this on their site: Supervisor with active energy transfer (fixed 14 series cells).

But does that mean it can't be with with 2 x 14s200p?

Dennis / DK
The WM6 is just one string of battery packs. For two 14s200p, you would need two WM6. You could wire them as 14s400p though?
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Meh, that was what I were afraid of. Damn.

I would like to expand over time.

Hm... what to do.. .what to do.

I guess I'm going with teh WM4. Should also be good enough for well balanced packs right? only 20aH from the low to the highest. The packs are on 400-420 ish
Wm4 is alot better overall for adding stuff. 400ah is nothing..

Wm6 can be expanded but it depends on how you build it. As Mike Said its One string only on wm5 and 6. IF you need multiple strings monitorer and balanced separately its Wm4 with One of the mon types. I got 5 strings on one.thats 80 longmons Smile
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Yeah I noticed Daniel.. Big Grin Massive setup you have.

I'm gonna order the Batrium WM4.

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