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Hello from South Africa

My background:

I was a pc tech, a few years ago i got sick so today I am in a wheelchair.

My dad was a high current electrician so I grew up with electrics, but not electronics

My goal is to add a backup to my aquaponics setup because here in South Africa the power is very unstable I would like to also change my electric wheelchair from SLA to 18650 packs

I know a little knowledge can be very dangerous, i have been researching quite a lot and found this forum, after lurking for a wile i joined and i am ready to learn more. I have some 18650 cells that i am testing at the moment, here in South Africa cells are very hard to come by or very expensive, me being on a disability grant can not go out and buy what i need, i must use what i have

Please help me to setup my backup in a save way
Hey Kimbo,

How's the process going? I'm also here in SA, in CT.. whereabouts are you based?
HI Guys
I am Based in Jobuge, could be great to get a few of us together

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