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Old phone batteries
Good day everyone.

I was wondering if any of you guys have advice for some batteries I have. A friend of mine had a lot of batteries being thrown away from his work. He knew I was working with batteries and such so he claimed them and gave them to me. The batteries where it is about are these. 

These batteries have four contacts. Two are for power (+ and -) the other two should be for temperature and some BMS inside of the battery. The communication with this BMS is, from what I read on internet, for one wire. 

The question from me is do you guy's know how to test/use them in a project? 

As you can see he got me allot of them so I want to use them in powerwall or huge powerbank.
Tear them down accurately, remove the protection PCB, add some isolation (use heat shrink tube if you have a roll of suitable size) and use them as regular cells. Be careful to not short + and - while doing all that work))
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