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Doeas anyone know of an dc to ac inverter that works on 110 volts? Im harvesting and testing cells, so my plan was to charge them with solar panels, but have them conected 30s20 p so i get 120 volt from pack so i have less loss of power during conversion... i tried google but no result. Thanks in advance for any idea.
Not sure it is a safe way to go.

48V converter efficiency is not that bad. And I am not sure you will achieve a better efficiency with a dc to ac inverter.
You probably will be better of with a 15S40P battery.

Just my 2 cents.
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All inverters are DC -> AC
A converter is AC -> DC

110VDC you can find, but they are going to be expensive. Also, the dangers of using that high voltage of DC is pretty high

Inverting from 48VDC -> 120VAC or 96VDC -> 120VAC or 120VDC -> 120VAC are all going to be about the same power loss. The only one where you really loose out is 12VDC -> 120VAC, oddly enough. But this is in part due to the high amps required to do the inversion.

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To add to the above comments. Aside of how dangerous high voltage DC is. It is also more expensive for components. Once you go above 48v, breakers become much more expensive, especially for batteries which are capable of delivering very high currents.

Unless you are experienced and comfortable working with high voltage DC, it is not a practical solution.

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