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start building new battery for ESS system in Belgium
Since 1,5 years I'm collecting our electricity consumption with an ABB B23 meter > modbus > ESP8266 > mqtt > node-red > MySQL & Graphite > Grafana.
So I'm very well aware of our habits :-)  Total yearly usage is 4300kWh @ €1200.
The average base load of the house is about 200w, with the new 4500kWp solar installation now working long days we have only have to import 3,5kWh on sunny a day.
An average winter day without any solar 12kWh. (induction cooking)

After enjoying this forum a full winter I've started harvesting cells this spring, a had a stash of about 450 cells from laptop battery packs.
About 240 have a reasonable +85% capacity left in them, but I do not yet have found a steady source of battery packs in Belgium, so I ran out of cells...
To give the project a jump start I was thinking about buying 1400 brand new Panasonic NCR18650BD cells at a wholeseller.
This gives the 14s100p system ~12kWh within the 3.2v – 4.1 range, not enough to go off-grid but I estimate to be 250 days grid-independent with this setup, €821 budget a year to play with…
I might consider to leave the induction cook-thing (7kW) initially on-grid for sake of modular evolution and start with only 1 Victron MultiplusII 5kVA (limits also the pack to 1C discharge)

I do have spare time in winters and my young sons are really helpfull in the recycling proecess, so I hope to find other sources to add another recycled 14s100p string.
That way I do not consider buying tested cells from Degroot Recycling.

Any thoughts on this approach?
I do have doubts about the combination of a brand new string with eventually (multiple) recycled string(s).
Batrium will keep things all within specs but the brand new pack will always be in the front line delivering energy I assume.

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your project looks very intersting to me and I have seen on your first picture that you have PCBs for Jehu's powerwall project?
Did you already test this system or are you even planning to use this for your whole setup?

Furthermore may I ask you for the source of your 18650 batteries (NCR18650BD)?
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Those PCB's are for a small independent system, in my opinion this design is not suitable/efficient for big systems.
I have been playing with kweld and that is the way to go..

Still talking with my Panasonic contacts for good wholesalers. If you're interested in a Belgian group buy let me know ?
@ bertvaneyken
I have send you a private message Smile
It's kinda late now, but I think you could have saved yourself a lot of snow shoveling if you had mounted the panels just a little higher.
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Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  40kWh and growing.
In this part of our country snow is very rare.
Altough the other string I'm about to build will be tilted more for winter efficiency .

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