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Charge Controller Load output won't turn off
Hi guys i'm having a problem with my charge controller TRACER AN 3210. The load wont turn off anymore and no more short circuit protection i only used the load terminals with 1.3A load every night for 12v bulbs. Today i noticed that the 12v bulbs are flickering and tried to turn off the load using the charge controller to check it but then the controller says the load is off but still the lights are on. Tried to reset to factory settings and still load wont turn off, i also opened and checked inside the controller but there is no trace of burnt components inside. I also tried to short 0.2A and 0.5A fuse in load terminals if the short circuit protection will kick in and turn off the load but still no luck. i asked my friend and he said that maybe the MOSFET controlling the load output has gone bad. what do you think?
Yeah a failed MOSFET seems likely there....
Could try figuring out which legs of the MOSFET are which & shorting between the S & G (should force the MOSFET off, if it doesn't turn off it's the MOSFET, if it does it's the control circuitry).
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