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Hello from Lower Saxony, Germany

I just want to post a short introduction of myself and some project ideas.

My name is Daniel and I am living in Germany (Lower Saxony).
I have been working on a few smaller projects like a 4s1p 160Ah LiFePO4 battery pack (planned as 12V replacement) for the camper of my parents, a 4s9p LiFePO4 battery pack (6Ah cells, 32700) for the garden house, etc.

During some internet surfing I found this board and I am really fascinated by all the good ideas and projects!

Unfortunetely I am not living in an own house so that most project ideas will not be possible for myself, but I like the idea to learn about the different methods, batteries, etc. so that right now my plan is to build a small powerwall / battery pack out of 18650 LiIon cells Smile

I am working in the IT sector and during me free time I did spend some time on microcontrollers, Arduino, etc.

If anyone wants to know a bit more or has a question, feel free to contact me or leave a reply.

All the best,
Daniel / Wulffi
Welcome to the community Wulffi...
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You don’t need a house. Most inhabitable spaces have walls and a roof. Or how about a garden or balcony. I just used some roof space on our apartment complex and even got away with it after being discovered five years later...

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