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Peck and Poke Batrium ...or Where in the "H" is the Batrium software manual
Ok ...I know some of this has been covered in some other threads ....including mine, but for the sake of simplicity I am going to start a new thread here.  I am finally at the point of implementing the Batrium system and software.  Getting everything going today I hooked all the Longmons up and got the software running with all the Longmon's recognized.  The current problem is that all but two of my packs are constantly in the Bypass mode.  All of the packs started right about 3.7 volts because I had already bottom charged them up to that 3.7 volts individually.   But of course there is something set up in the software that is forcing 12 of my packs to be in the bypass mode.  

So here is the question ....I really like to know the software I am dealing with where in the "H" is the Batrium manual?  I did not receive one.  I want to know what each software setting is for and make intelligent decisions.  And not bother others with my problems ....but Batrium' s answer is once again us to help you!   Also, we need to hook up to your system to do that.  But I do not have internet in my shop ...not to mention having to pay for support when a manual would probably answer my questions is not acceptable.

So does anyone have documentation on exactly what all the software features are and what they are for?   Yes some I understand ....but at the same time as I have dealt with a lot of software systems in my history ...there are always nuances that need to be known. 

If something like this is not available then I am faced with asking what can seem like elementary questions ...why are 12 of my packs right now in constant bypass mode?
There's no printed manual, it's all online, you just have to read it (twice).

What have you got the mons bypass voltage set to ?
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Can you point me to the manual Sean ...all I find is " How to's " on different aspects of setting up the hardware ...maye I overlooked something but I do not find a manual per se.  And if I did overlook it ....then I will be the first to say I am at fault.  

As far as the Bypass voltage ...I do not know, I will have to look at that tomorrow when I am in my shop.  And that is part of my point I have to ask folks like you on this ...ok what tab is that on?  It would be whatever the folks at Batrium set it up as ...because I have not changed it.
There is no all in one handbook/manual unfortunately however the documentation & support seems to be improving. Have you contacted support & supplied a snapshot report. From that, they could better answer your questions quickly. Those questions also help fill in the gaps missing for the documentation. I'm sure if you reach out they will get it quickly.
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(07-02-2019, 02:25 AM)Headrc Wrote: As far as the Bypass voltage ...I do not know, I will have to look at that tomorrow when I am in my shop.  And that is part of my point I have to ask folks like you on this ...ok what tab is that on?  It would be whatever the folks at Batrium set it up as ...because I have not changed it.

Please turn off your system.

Then read this ...
Thanks ...yes I did turn off the system before closing the shop today.  And yes I had read through all of the FAQ.  But again that does not cover what I see as a very comprehensive piece of software with no documentation on it.  Lastly, yes I have also contacted support first.  I did get a prompt response ....but it included an offer for help with a fee charged.  I will pursue taking a snapshot tomorrow and send it to Batrium and see what I am told.  I just wish I did not have to ask "How to" questions which I usually solve by reading through manuals backwards and forwards.  This does not bode well for the usual suspect for BMS systems IMO, meaning not a key selling point for Batrium.
Setting the bypass voltage is one of the first things you should do, and it's one of the most basic things you should have figured out how to do before turning your system on - it's in the mon setup.

I dont think Batrium can be blamed for not explaining absolutely everything, they do assume some degree of competence and understanding as to what needs configuring, the wizard will get you up and running but the software wont know how you want it configured until you do that yourself - by changing the defaults.
I understand that Sean ...but nowhere in the Wizard setup does it mention Bypass voltage so I assumed when I chose Li-ion Longlife that the basic general parameters would be set up for those type of cells .  And the link I was looking for was what I found on another page tonight ....  this one:  which is not presented on that link you gave which is the one I spent a lot of time reviewing.

So OK ...I am a novice on the Batrium.  But I have dealt with a lot of software in my time ...and a FAQ is not the way to do it IMO.  Organize it as a manual and present it as such with a download for it.   I just printed it all out and will organize it into a manual with categories.  I needed hard copy so I do not have to run from shop to home to look on the Internet for every question that I may have.  And by the way ...all Batrium had to tell me was ...all the software setups are located here on that page and I would not have bothered anyone.   Oh ...and why do I not have Internet in this day and age in my shop?  Because it is in an area where all I could get would be dial up.

So excuse me folks for venting on this ....but I think my point is something that would help Batrium.  Pretty simple really ....

And thank you all as always
.... well all I've got left to add is that the freely documentation is way way better now than it was 18 months ago :-)
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Yeah batrium docs have been almost zero as Sean say. Its better but its Still a DIY product where you need to understand the basis
The forum help alot of People Smile

For me the info needed have been pretty clear but at same time i have basic knowledge
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