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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
Bought one of these, which turned out to be a little bit different to what I was expecting.

The RS485 port recieves a data stream, which is the target wattage to output from the unit and that's it....

The monitor unit is a CT (upto 30A) and also sends out an RS485 stream with the current measured wattage (no sense of direction / import / export) so you then have to wire it up before the load metering (CT) location, which is a pain.

Where it can come in very useful is because of the RS485 you can then put the inverter wherever you want and then control the output directly.

What I have done so far is setup the monitor on a separate fuse box (which contains the house sockets circuits and kitchen) and then used a couple of RS485 to ethernet adapters to then allow me to put the inverter nearly 50ft away at the bottom of the garden where the battery pack is.

The next step is to make my own data feed up to control the inverter directly.

Protocol specification :
Data rate @ 4800bps, 8 data, 1 stop
Packet size : 8 Bytes
1 : 24
2 : 56
3 : 00
4 : 21
5 : xa (2 byte watts as short integer xaxb)
6 : xb
7 : 80 (hex / spacer)
8 : checksum

Still neeed to figure out the checksum (xor / sum / ?) and what the other bytes really mean or do, if they actually do anything other than hearder, trailer, checksum. The unit can be configured for upto 5 units so one of the bytes will be for this reason (load divider).

Anyhow, hopefully this is of use.
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