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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
This is my view and not necessarily what should be followed as I have a slightly different arrangement...

Like with all laws/legal isses they are usually implemented to preven abuse of a system OR sometimes introduced as a means of creating competitive advantages in the guise of 'higher standards' (blocking imports for example).

Testing standrds seem to cover 3 elements (I'm separating outright electrical build quality here, which is a little easier to see) :
1. Anti-islanding (will your 800W inverter try to power the neighbourhood for longer than it takes for the FET's to blow magic smoke or will it reconnect and export far too quickly if linesmen are fault finding for example)
2. Harmoniocs (mainly to prevent square wave or partial wave inverters from introducing resonant issues and destroying other appliances.... typical HF units with reasonable filtering are zero issue, unless they are HF broadcasting with a really bad desing)
3. Stability (will your interter cut out if the grid becomes unstable, like if it was connected to a generator running out of fuel - this is typicallly an issue for large power stations as a phased/steepped frequency stability measure, not an issue for the home/kW size)

Voltage levels are a given basic for any equipment, so if they don't show or indicate the on/off limits then I would avoid them for example. Basic lack of control.

If your equipment is designed and operates within the required standards, just because it does not have a testing label/stamp of approval it does not mean it is therefore dangerous to the system just because it does not have a $ XX,000 stamp of :

This is also where the laws are intoduced because the few who produce real cr*p that destroys it for the many.

Summary : end of the day it's your own risk (and risk to others), just like when speeding in a car as every motorist does and it is therefore the balance of what risk is acceptable (Boeing 737).
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