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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
So, after installing and a few more days of operation I now have 3 of these units active and balancing out 2 distribution boards.

The lighting board (also the shed) has one 1000W unit matching the power flow and then a couple of 1200W units, which are then matching the power from the sockets/kitchen.

The metering point in the house has two of the current clamps around the 16mm cables feeding each board (the current clamps need the plastic trimming so they will fit over the cable) and then the output from each meter is fed into an RS485 to thernet adapter, whcih is then plugged into the network. The third current clamp (each unit came with a CT and RS485 output box) is then connected on the main feeder so I can have a rough indication as to the magnitude of the residual imbalance (good way to get an idea on the CT accuracy 1+1=2.2).

The battery location in the shed then has two ethernet to RS485 adapters with the output from one going into a 1000W unit and the other going in paralle to the two 1200W units.

The "1000W" unit will only give out 800W when running off battery and recieving RS485 output level.

The two "1200W" units will only give out 900W each when running off battery and recieving RS485 output level, so 1800W in total.

I think (guess) that they derate the units when operating on battery because when they are running off solar the input power is limited by default so any fault issues will not cause significant stresses, while a battery with 100's of amps capability will quite hapily blow the PCB traces off the board. Sort of an easy addition of hopeful safety margin to faults... that's my guess.

Overall, seem to work ok, the current clamp accuracy may be a bit suspect (less accurate than I would like).

Will add some pics.

Separate note, the internal fans come on at 40C and then only relatively briefly (with 25C ambient), although I have a separate small fan (few W) blowing on the units 24x7 just to give a little more than convection flow for normal cooling. Thought is that by reducing the temperature by say just 5C the operational life of the capacitors will be extended quite a bit.... When really hot days arrive I also turn off some of the solar input to reduce the temperature on the MPPT controllers... fortunrately or unfortunately for us in the UK we don't get many 30C plus days.
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