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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
This is my output at the moment (4 units - 1 x fixed at 180W because it does not have RS485 - 2 x 900W units - 1 x 800W unit)

The oldest unit without RS485 works, however periodically it will reset and not sure if it's a hardware issue or firmware issue (basically a fault) although it still runs after the reset without any unplugging, etc.

One of the other units seems to have a software issue which leaves the unit offline when the battery voltage drops too low and cuts out automatically. I have a suspision that it is to do with the reception of data over the RS485 port when the unit is on low voltage cut-off because when used just as constant output with min/max voltage levels it works fine.

If the units are kept within the normal battery voltage setting range they seem to run fine.

The controller is written in visual basc and cut-s out the three units if the minimum output wattage is less than 90% of the minimum setting and then waits until it's back above 110% to switch back again. This is because I don't have enough separate ports to control each one individually (they are not addressable when on a common RS485 bus).

I have the max set to 450W because I don't get enough sun at the moment and 450W level is at a reasonable efficiency level.

Bill for a month in summer for the house was $4.60 (energy) as I can only really net off around 2.5kW and no matter how much I say don't switch everything on at once.....
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