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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
Hi All,

This is a great thread, good work so far. Today, I finally got two of these units wired up and ready to go. The problem that I am having is the external meter seems to become "stuck" at sending a high voltage request to the units after a few minutes of operation. This results in exporting battery capacity to the grid! I am eager to get to the bottom of it, by perhaps replacing the meter for a different type, or going the R-pi, MQTT route. The meter seems quite badly designed, for example it doesnt respond to the bottom to add units responsively, i've had to spend minutes pressing the button for it to finally receive the input.

Last month, during my testing with a single unit, it worked fine for several hours (about 10kwh over 3/4 days on and off). I think there is a problem with the meter working correctly in cold conditions. This is the only explanation that I can come up with. Since having two complete systems (two inverters and two meters). I have been trying different situations so this is only thing I can think of, it was warmer last month during testing, also the meter works for several minutes when brought from my warm kitchen today out to the outside meter box.

I have a RS485 adaptor that I will attach to the wire tomorrow and finally see if the issue is with signalling from the meter and not the inverters. I'll also put a temporary heater into the electricity box and report back with findings. If anyone has any other suggestions I would be eager to hear them because it's taken me months to build 9kwh of 18650 cell packs and mount 3kw of panel on the roof!!!

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