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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
Thank you so so much. I cannot thank you enough. I added a resistor across the line in the shed and both units are now working fine with less than 50 watts imported. It's early days but it looks like this is the solution to the issue. My cable run is about 15 meters. Luckily enough the circuit to the shed terminates in a way where I have the CT clamp "after" the inverter so I shouldn't have this issue. Thanks again!

EDIT: It seems I needed TWO 110 ohm resistors, one at each end of the cable, directly where the green RS485 plug connects to the unit. One resistor improved operation a lot but two has completely fixed it.

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RE: Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting - by Cell-King - 06-19-2020, 05:27 PM

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