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Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting
The accuracy of a small split core CT is never going to give you good accuracy over the full current range. At what power output / import / export level is the 75W difference showing up ?

I ended up going the control route to work around this and optimise the power output as well to avoid pushing power out at lower efficiency when there is not enough sun to balance out the daily energy need.

The way I worked around the reading it is to have a meter also on the overall import/export so that this "residual" is then used to correct any issues the other CT's may be showing in terms of over or under reading. Plus the other easier option with separate control is that you can also add a small export buffer (over balance by a few W). If the load is 200W then output 205W. There are also other reasons this can help if the load is not a smooth current draw.
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